Probationary Members

Below is a list of current Probationary Members that have yet to fulfill their training obligations for full membership to the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA (Inc). These people are being assisted through our unique mentoring and training system to help them along the way to achieve their goals.

Northern Suburbs

  • Gary Henry
  • Carl Stevenson
  • Willie Boobyer
  • Kerrin Sampson
  • Charles Paino-Povey
  • Allan Dymock
  • Jason Block
  • Marcus Condo


  • Felipe Andrade de Oliveira Silva
  • Clint Weir

Southern Suburbs

  • Julieanne Lawrence
  • Jonothan Bingham
  • Steve Weston
  • Ken Ho Yau
  • Nipun Dass

North Regional

South Regional

  • Glen Day
  • Steven Roberts