Current news for Carpet Cleaning Association of WA

More Qualified Technicians

Congratulations to the Probationary Carpet Cleaning Members that have now achieved full membership! >>

New ongoing training format

Training is the single most important step a professional carpet cleaner can take - it will set you apart from your "competitors", give you the confidence and knowledge to deal with tricky situations and keep you out of trouble! >>

Occupational Health Safety & Environmental: Are you at risk?

OHS&E Liability exposure is an issue for us all. Businesses and Public should ensure that service providers have an “OHS&E Management Plan” but more importantly that it is implemented upon or the consequences may have far reaching repercussions particularly businesses who are responsible for Commercial buildings or Rental properties. >>

Carpet Cleaning by Fully Trained Professionals

Carpet cleaning is not something you should take lightly. Incorrect procedures indicative of an untrained and unqualified cleaner can give rise to problems such as: Rapid re-soiling; Carpets that look worse after cleaning than before ; Irreversible damage to your carpet’s integrity or, at worst; Danger to your health! >>

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